Students are required to keep a record of the development of their ideas in the form of a journal, commonplace book or blog.

Your wish is my command, Dr. Sansom!

While I do keep a rather infrequently updated paper journal (above), I can see many benefits to completing this exercise in digital form.

  • The ability to edit, even in the rudimentary stages of creation, settles my nerves. Many times I have abandoned a handwritten page because the layout and pen scribble have destroyed its visual appeal for me, whereas a backspace key affords me the confidence to attempt more audacious expression.
  • When I retreat to handwritten forms, which tend to be for private use, my writing suffers. I cease to consider my work’s use for others, become needlessly navel-gazing, and while I don’t doubt some of these bad habits will find their way into this blog, I would prefer to take measures to minimise them from the start.
  • I hope to make use of the ability to include video and audio files, as well as easily link to pieces too long to contain within a physical scrapbook.
  • An online journal is more easily organised and less easily destroyed than anything physical, which, given my track record of misplacing and damaging my belongings, can only be a blessing.
  • Digital media is my primary method for consuming information and my primary method for creating written works for public use, so it makes sense to capture my inspiration, development and thought process in the same manner.

Thus, I give you: The Commonplace Place, a blog for all thoughts that strike me as vaguely relevant to this yearlong module. I’m sure you are brimming with anticipation.


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