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From class on Tuesday 04/10

  • DNA as archive – leaving traces of oneself as a trail through the world
  • Library of Babel – thousands of books written by algorithm
  • Social Media – Caroline Calloway catalogues memory for instagram using narrative techniques

What’s your favorite adventure story? I bet you a hundred books (pun intended) that it begins in what your English professor would call The Ordinary World. Basically, that’s the hero’s hometown—a place so normative and repressing that high-voltage fun is down right unheard of. Harry Potter? Privet Drive. The Hunger Games? District Twelve. Lord of the Rings? Actually. Know what? I’m no longer sure I can make LOTR jokes without also making SWEEPING IGNORANT ERRORS. And our story? Our Ordinary World is Cambridge. The place where Newton discovered gravity, parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed, and a certain American blogger struggles daily to balance writing a book, living in wonder, and failing out of school one Instagram post at a time! Cambridge! Cambridge, I say! But seriously. That our story begins here is a big narrative deal. This is like if the Harry Potter series BEGAN at Hogwarts. Which, by the way, is the best fucking analogy I HAVE. EVER. MADE. *drops mike, Tebows, screams VICTORY Viking-Quest-style* Super sorry, analogy fans! It’s all downhill from here. For everyone else—the best friends who follow for pretty photos, cerebral humor, and my quirky knack for making sad stories upbeat—rejoice! Our story begins in an Ordinary World that is anything but. Meaning that from this point forward things will only get *even more* magical. That is, of course, until the meetings and the drugs and The Innermost Cave, and then things get abruptly worse. But I won’t spoil the specifics. Let’s start with a certain Thursday. In October. In extraordinary Cambridge. To Be Continued…

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I know, Instagram. I can’t believe it either. So many rational adults had to be sedated in order to make that Snapchat caption true. I mean, how else do you think I got a diploma AND a book deal during my senior year of college? Sedated them all. Professors. Publishers. The world is your oyster when everyone around you is unconscious! Trust me. I went to Cambridge and I’m writing a book. Full-time. But this means that our already fast-paced schedule of reading, writing, dark-joking and party-girling is about to kick into an even fancier, more ludicrously international gear. We’ll be living in London! New York! Vienna! Sicily! Plus to and fro Cambridge and Oxford all year to fact check things for the book. Basically what I’m saying to you is this: Life will be exactly like it’s always been for us EXCEPT NOW I DON’T HAVE HOMEWORK AND EXAMS TO WORRY ABOUT EVERY GODDAMN WAKING HOUR OF THE DAY. Not that I ever did my homework. Or slept. But hat just made the worrying more non-stop and CAPSLOCK STRESSFUL. Call me crazy, guys, but over the past three years I got the feeling like my professors ~didn’t~ think I came to Cambridge to write Instagram captions as a job! Those curious, gorgeous fools! Do I miss them? Yes. Do they miss me? Absolutely not. Will they be forever hesitant to admit another bubbly, terrier-like American girl to the University of Cambridge? Let’s all apply this fall and find out. In the meantime, I’ll be on Snapchat, writing Instagram captions. No seriously. I know that might sound like a millennial oxymoron, but my newest snaps are all sneak peeks of the upcoming content I’m working for you guys here on Instagram! And I know this might come as a shock to, well, everyone, but I update my snapchat MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY. It’s remarkable. It’s true! Just see for yourself. My dark jokes are many and I use the puppy filter not at all. Sedation tutorial coming soon. Snapchat username: adventuregrams 📘🌺👟

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  • Quotes collected on different cities
  • Family archives, family tree
  • How authors influence each other